“The Testing Of Job” by Dr. Dwayne Barber, is starting now!!!!

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Christmas music is part of this program…….Dr. Dwayne Barber is preaching the message “The Testing Of Job”.

We’ve included some Christmas Music in this program, just for all of you that enjoy the Christmas Music like I do.

Dr. Bud Painter has Lecture #11 in the Minor Prophets on this program.

Thank you for listening.

Special Thanksgiving Program Starting Now !!!!

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Now Until Monday, November 30th, Please listen to our Special Thanksgiving Program, Just For You……..Lots of Southern Gospel Music dedicated to Thanksgiving.  Preaching on this program is by Dr. Don Farmer, Jr.  The message Title is  “Holy Ghost Like A Dove”.

Dr. Bud Painter’s study in the Minor Prophets is Lecture #9.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.

Remember to give our Lord Jesus Christ praise for His Blessings !!!

Dr. Ed Ballew .. preaching soon!

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Dr. Ed Ballew will be preaching on Behold The Lamb Radio soon.
  The message is "What Jesus Left Us".
Don't miss this message.  This is a great message, well worth 
   the time to listen to.

Dr. Bud Painter is teaching the Minor Prophets, Lecture 8.
  Again, You'll be glad you heard this message.

Southern Gospel recorded music, old and new, just for you.

Thank you for listening.........

Pastor Blain Keaton’s message “Death Is A Part Of Life” is on Behold The Lamb Radio now……

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“Death Is A Part Of Life”, is a message preached by Pastor Blain Keaton, pastor of Gloryland Baptist Church, Statesville, North Carolina.  This message was preached in 2013.

Dr. Bud Painter, pastor of Westside Baptist Church, Maiden, North Carolina,  will be teaching the Minor Prophets, Lecture 7, on this program.

Lots of Southern Gospel Music, to encourage and bless your heart, and to inspire worship of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Thank you for listening to “Behold The Lamb Of God”  internet radio program.

“Second Mile Christians”, by Dr. David Gibbs, is now on Behold The Lamb Radio…..

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Once again, Dr. David Gibbs is preaching on Behold The Lamb Radio.  The message is “Second Mile Christians”.

Lecture 6, in the Minor Prophets, by Dr. Bud Painter, at the end of our program.

Lots of Southern Gospel Recorded Music.

Thank You for listening to Behold The Lamb Radio.

“How Long Will You Doubt God?” is now on Behold The Lamb Radio…….

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On Behold The Lamb Radio, Don Farmer, III, is preaching the message “How Long Will You Doubt God?” , Another message from the ministry of God’s Dynamite Ministries, an outreach of Longpoint Baptist Church, Anawalt, West Virginia.  Don Farmer, III is the third generation of preachers in this family, Don Farmer, Jr., is the pastor of the church.

Lecture # 5 in the Minor Prophets by Dr. Bud Painter, is also on this program.  This is quite a study in the Minor Prophets.

Plenty of Southern Gospel recorded music also on each program.

Thank You, every listener, all around the world, for listening.

A Classic Message by Dr. R.G. Lee on Behold The Lamb Radio now…….

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On Behold The Lamb Radio now is a message by a great man of God of years ago, Dr. R.G. Lee.  The message is “The Spirit And The Bride Say Come”.  A classic message well worth listening to .

Dr. Bud Painter in teaching on the Minor Prophets.  Lecture 4 is in Hosea, Chapter 10.


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