Wednesday’s program 11/12/2014 also Monday 11/17/2014

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Starting Wednesday morning, Pastor Tim Blue, with a message titled “Somebody’s Going To Hell”.
On Monday 11/17/2014, Dr. J. Harold Smith with another message .
“The Lord Is My Helper”

Saturday Programs

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This Saturday will be our 2nd program of using less music and more preaching. We will have 6 to 10 messages by various preachers and sometimes all messages by one preacher. These will basically be messages we’ve used before on the program. Our programs can be anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, and will continue to rotate 24 hours. This week’s program includes messages by:
1. Arthur Blackburn – A Going In The Mulberry Trees
2. Brian Barber – Brian Barber’s Testimony (Brian Has No Tongue) Just listen to how
he can still communicate.
3. Dr. B.R. Lakin – God Cares For You
4. Dr. Curtis Hutson – Revival In America
5. Dr. Darrell Hayes – Rewards
6. John Vincent – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry – We Need A Vision
7. Dr. Terry Ellis – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry, President – Why A Prison Ministry?
8. Dr. Donnie Farmer – God’s Dynamite
9. Pastor Dale Painter – Pastor Dale Painter’s Testimony
Total time of program about 8.5 hours
One other note:
Soon on the program – Dr. J. Harold Smith – God’s Three Deadlines

Message By Dr. Terry Ellis, President of the Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry

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Why A Prison Ministry?

That is the title of the message we’ve continued today and Saturday.  It’s a “must hear” message !

If you miss the last part of the message, you’ve missed the answer to the question, Why A Prison Ministry ?

The statistics will amaze you, even though the message was preached in the year 2000 or before.

Please take time to listen to every word of this message.  You’ll be glad you did.

On Sunday we will replay the message by Pastor Robert Suttles, “Being Disconnected in a Connected World”.

What A Message – Dr. Donnie Farmer – God’s Dynamite !!!

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We recently received the okay from Dr. Donnie Farmer to use his messages. I hear these messages over and over, and I never get tired of hearing a message like “God’s Dynamite”. I hope you are able to listen to every word of this great message.
We’ve also received ten messages by Dr. Gill Massengill, from his wife, Nancy Massengill. We’ve already used three, and will be using the others as the days go by.
I am truly blessed with all the messages we’ve been able to use. I truly believe these preachers are the greatest men of God in our land today. Our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me with the joy of not only hearing most of these great men of God, but to also personally know many of them. I’ve also had some of the greatest pastors in our land today, and I do not take that for granted.
I hope you also enjoy the music we use on the program. Here also, I believe these are the greatest Southern Gospel Music Groups in our land today, and of the past. I realize that many of the members of these groups are already with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thanks to every listener, anywhere in all the world. We praise God for each and everyone of you. We pray continually that our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you, be a comfort and help to you, supplying your every need, everyday.

Preacher Russell Thomas

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Preacher Russell Thomas died on Monday, April 7th. His Homegoing Celebration was Thursday, April 10th. What A Glorious Celebration it was.
Praise God for such a wonderful friend. Though it’s a sad time for the family, loved ones, and friends, it an exciting time for Preacher Russell Thomas. He’s at home, in the presence of the one he preached about for over 55 years.
Please pray for the Thomas family.
We are featuring Preacher Russell Thomas on the program all this week and weekend. Two programs…..Interview with Preacher Thomas and a message titled “Wasted Living” preached at Rockwell Baptist Church in 1990. I want to thank Preacher Thomas’ daughter Elaine and son Ronnie for helping me understand that we needed to do the interview right away while he was able. I cherish that time with Preacher Thomas, and I thank our God for helping him through it, and letting us hear him open his heart and share some of his life work with us.



I want to say “Thank You” to every listener of our internet radio program, BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD. At one time our rating was at 300 Listener Hours for the month, but then we realized how hard it is to keep a daily schedule of 3 or more hours each program. Putting together each program takes about 5 to 6 hours for me. I’m so very discouraged to have to run the same program more than one time on weekdays, but that is what I have to do right now. My goal is to have new programs each weekday, and to run those again on weekends. Want-to and Can-do sometimes just does not match-up like I want them to.
Our rating has fallen to about 220 listening hours per month, and I am very thankful for each listener. I will continue to work as hard as I can to have new programs each weekday, and rerun those each weekend, however, please keep checking each day.
Again thank you for being a faithful listener. I truly believe you will hear some of the greatest KJV Preaching in the world, and some of the greatest southern gospel music in the world. Our prayer is that the program will have a life-changing, encouraging, blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ in your life each time you hear it.

Change In Schedule !!

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June 20, 2013

We had to schedule Brother Jerry Taylor for next week due to changes that had to be made on our program to keep it legal.  From now on I will say my plan is: and that should let you know that (IF) everything passes the test and a program is not rejected for some unforeseen problem, the schedule will be right.  As I learn all the things that has to be in place, hopefully, this will help us keep everything on schedule.

Please understand that I am still very excited about going forward with the program.  Basically, everything is working well, but the work load is overwhelming at times, and as much as I hate to mention it, the expense of it all will be greater than I realized.  My goal is to never have to say anything about that on the radio program, and I will not take lightly all that so many are already doing for us in this regard.

There you have my update.  Friday June 21st, Dr. Ron Gearis, former president of the Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry will be preaching.  Monday, June 24th, Brian Barber will be giving his testimony on the program.  Don’t miss these programs, because they will truly bless you and encourage you.  After you hear Brian Barber’s testimony of how our Lord Jesus Christ has brought him through so much, and the attitude he has about it all, I believe you will have to say, “What is my excuse for not serving the Lord Jesus with all my heart and overcoming my flimsy excuses.”

Till next time, Thanks to everyone.

Jack Cross


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