Another Great Message By Dr. David Gibbs – Through Sunday June 21st

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Here’s another wonderful message by Dr. David Gibbs, Founder and President of the Christian Law Association. The message title is “God Can Make A Way”.
Please don’t miss this message. It will surely help you in so many ways. You’ll hear how God will use anyone who really wants to be used, even though that looks humanly impossible. Impossible with man, but God Can Make A Way !!

Evangelist David Maynard, preaching, and his wife, Berita, singing !!
Coming up in a week or so, Evangelist David Maynard, with a messages on “FAITH”, as he preached through Romans, showing the many times that The Apostle Paul used the word Faith through Romans. Also songs sung by Mrs. David Maynard during revival meetings at Rockwell Baptist Church.

Message by Dr. David Gibbs, “If My People” , Starts Thursday, June 4th.

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Please Don’t Miss This Message by Dr. David Gibbs!!
The Message is “If My People”……This message will bless your heart, IF, You will listen to all of it.
This message will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, through June 7th.

Dr. Thurman Wade’s message through Wed. May 27.

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Dr. Thurman Wade’s message “What Did The King See In The Fiery Furnace” will continue through Wednesday, May 27. Don’t miss this great message by a great missionary with Macedonia Baptist World Missions.
Thursday we have another message by Dr. David Gibbs. “How Good Are You At Getting Small”, is the title of this message and you don’t want to miss this message.
It would be a great blessing to hear how these messages have blessed you.
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Monday 5-18-2015 Dr. Dwayne Barber’s message “I Believe”.

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My pastor Dr. Dwayne Barber preached this message on Mother’s Day.  It’s a message on salvation, and worth listening to every word very intently.  Our hope is that someone will be saved by listening to these messages.

Thursday, May 21th, Dr. David Gibbs, of the Christian Law Association will be preaching on this program.  The message title is “How To Have The Power Of God”.  What a blessing it is to be able to use messages of this great man of God.

Our programs are about 4.5 hours long and  continue 24 hours a day.

Thank you for listening.  We are praying that you will be greatly blessed with everything on this program.

We would love to hear from you.  Please write us an email.

Wednesday’s program 11/12/2014 also Monday 11/17/2014

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Starting Wednesday morning, Pastor Tim Blue, with a message titled “Somebody’s Going To Hell”.
On Monday 11/17/2014, Dr. J. Harold Smith with another message .
“The Lord Is My Helper”

Saturday Programs

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This Saturday will be our 2nd program of using less music and more preaching. We will have 6 to 10 messages by various preachers and sometimes all messages by one preacher. These will basically be messages we’ve used before on the program. Our programs can be anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, and will continue to rotate 24 hours. This week’s program includes messages by:
1. Arthur Blackburn – A Going In The Mulberry Trees
2. Brian Barber – Brian Barber’s Testimony (Brian Has No Tongue) Just listen to how
he can still communicate.
3. Dr. B.R. Lakin – God Cares For You
4. Dr. Curtis Hutson – Revival In America
5. Dr. Darrell Hayes – Rewards
6. John Vincent – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry – We Need A Vision
7. Dr. Terry Ellis – Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry, President – Why A Prison Ministry?
8. Dr. Donnie Farmer – God’s Dynamite
9. Pastor Dale Painter – Pastor Dale Painter’s Testimony
Total time of program about 8.5 hours
One other note:
Soon on the program – Dr. J. Harold Smith – God’s Three Deadlines

Message By Dr. Terry Ellis, President of the Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry

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Why A Prison Ministry?

That is the title of the message we’ve continued today and Saturday.  It’s a “must hear” message !

If you miss the last part of the message, you’ve missed the answer to the question, Why A Prison Ministry ?

The statistics will amaze you, even though the message was preached in the year 2000 or before.

Please take time to listen to every word of this message.  You’ll be glad you did.

On Sunday we will replay the message by Pastor Robert Suttles, “Being Disconnected in a Connected World”.

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