Pastor John Smith, preaching now , “But By The Grace Of God, I Am” on Behold The Lamb Radio Station!!

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Pastor John Smith is pastor of the Teay’s Valley Baptist Church in Huricane, West Virginia.  This is a somewhat short message, but a very powerful one, titled, “But By The Grace Of God, I Am”.

Dr. Bud Painter’s study in The Gospel Of John is now in Lecture 17.

Thank You for listening to “Behold The Lamb Of God Radio”.

Dr. Gene Hooker, of Rock Of Ages Prison Ministries, is preaching right now on Behold The Lamb Radio.

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Dr. Gene Hooker, of the Rock of Ages Prison Ministries will be on Behold The Lamb Radio Station through Sunday, August 23.

His message is “What I Have Learned By Experience”.  A Great Message, well worth the time to listen to it.  Dr. Hooker has also written some songs that will be on the program.

Coming up August 24th, a program from “Unshackled” about a man from King, NC.  Plan to hear “The Ronnie Wright Story”.

I talked to his wife, and she gave me permission to use this message.  She told me that Ronnie died in July.  Please pray for Mrs. Wright.  If you would like to write her or send her a card to encourage her, I’ll give the information on the program.

Dr. David Gibbs’ message “Giving” is on now through Wednesday.

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Dr. David Gibbs is the President and Founder of the Christian Law Association.

The message “Giving” is on the radio program now through Wednesday, August 19th.

Dr. Bud Painter is now teaching the Gospel Of John, Lecture 14 on this program.

Thank You so much for listening to …….Behold The Lamb Radio Station……

Starting Thursday Aug. 13th, Preacher George Hall, Preaching “Has America Forgot God?”

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Preacher George Hall, still recovering from a serious illness, recently preached “Has America Forgot God”, at Liberty Baptist Church, in Mooresville, N.C.  That message starts Thursday August 13th, and continues through Sunday, August 16.

Dr. Bud Painter will be teaching Lecture 13, of the study of The Gospel Of John, at the end of our program.

Thank You For Listening To …..BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD RADIO………

Preacher Wesley Grant singing, and Dr. Bill Belcher preaching, Now !

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We just brought back a program from the past that we know you will enjoy again if you have already heard it, and even more so if you haven’t.

Preacher Wesley Grant singing in this program, right before Dr. Bill Belcher preaches the message “The Good Shepherd”.

This program will be on through Wednesday, August 12th.

Right now I’m working on a message by my friend Preacher George Hall, and hoping to have it ready by Thursday.

Lots of Southern Gospel Music, some new, but mostly old, like me.

Thanks for listening to “Behold The Lamb Of God Radio”.

Great Message By Dr. Ron Gearis…..On Now!!

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We have another message by Dr. Ron Gearis, former president of the Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry.

This message is titled……”Don’t Miss Taking Part In The Work Of God”.

Also…..Lecture # 12 in the Gospel Of John, by Dr. Bud Painter.

Thank You For Listening To ……Behold The Lamb Of God Radio…….

Message titled “Teach” by Dr. Ed Ballew, on now!!

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Dr. Ed Ballew preaches a message he named simply “Teach”.

Dr. Ed Ballew, in Heaven now, is a great preacher, and his preaching goes on……

Dr. Bud Painter has Lecture 11 in The Gospel Of John… We now have 29 Lectures.

Southern Gospel Music in between, some new, mostly old.

Thank You for listening.

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